A printer pulling a sheet from a lithographic printing press...

Offset printing is a technique where the inked image is transferred or “offset” from a printing plate to a press blanket and then onto a paper surface. Single sheets of paper are stacked at the lead edge of the press, conveyed through the press where they are printed, and then emerging at the other end ready for finishing in bindery.

We use Computer To Plate (CTP) methodology. This is a process of transferring digital data from a computer directly onto printing plates used on a press. It eliminates the need for producing film and stripping (positioning) the film in order to make the plate.

Offset print technology is best for high volume print runs because the higher the quantity printed, the less the cost per unit. It also provides better quality printing from one color to multi-color, plus special finishes. While slightly higher in cost, it allows clients greater flexibility in paper choice, color control, size and quantity.